In the installation Boring Flowers (2014) Antonella presents a carousel slide projection of several vintage slides, mostly of flowers, all taken by the same unknown photographer throughout the 70 and 80s.

The slides were being sold on Ebay and caught the artist’s attention as they were described by the seller as ‘the most boring slides ever seen on ebay’.


‘We need to clear these slides as they are just taking up space. They are wonderful pictures but the content is just so boring. The photographers appear to have concentrated on very mundane subjects such as flowers, trees, rivers, mountains, landscapes, buildings and a few family images. I have scanned four of the slides for you to get an idea of the content. The photographers used for the majority Kodak film ensuring wonderful definition and colour, but the subject matter is certainly left in the eye of the beholder.’

Amused by the seller’s statement, Antonella decided to buy the whole collection of slides (over 500 sold in different batches), in an attempt to rescue them from such a bad reputation and to challenge the idea of what’s to be considered boring and ordinary.

Observing these images we are left wondering about this person’s obsession with photographing and cataloguing flowers.  A few more personal images of people and landscapes are sporadically alternated with the images of flowers, revealing some hints, although inconclusive, about the person behind the camera.

As viewers we are drawn into the simplicity and beauty of these seemingly ordinary images, which seen as a whole convey the photographer’s personal passion and obsession for these ‘mundane’ subjects. Ironically, these become anything but boring once projected. And who is to decide what should be considered  boring and ordinary? Isn’t it after all just a subjective opinion?


Boring Flowers (2015) | 2014 | Art