A Non Place – A collaboration with Silvia Forese (2014)

The artists Ferrari/Forese have created a collaborative video and tape installation, touching upon the notion of Non-Places, as defined by the French anthropologist Marc Augé. The term Non-Places refers to public spaces of transience, such as airports, superstores, motorways and international hotel chains, which are all products of Modernity.

Despite being designed and constructed with the intention of providing as much comfort and functionality as possible, Non-Places seem to bear a sense of solitude and anonymity of the mass. Marc Augé  argues that whilst Places are often charged with memory and identity, Non-Places are devoided of any social interaction and attachment.

The flow of people is carefully controlled by predetermined trajectories and visitors are invisibly guided to move through the space in an orderly way. Non-Places are not designed to be inhabited, but only passed through or temporarily lived.

Over the last couple of years, the artists Ferrari/Forese have collaborated and shown together on various occasions.






A Non Place (2014) | 2014 | Art